Why We Do It

Rampbed originally was conceived by the passion and love for skateboarding. Like most skaters, the desire to have a backyard half pipe quickly became a project to this young soon to become entrepreneur. After spending countless never ending days of skating the pipe, a simple idea came to mind by the fluke incident of falling tiredly asleep at the bottom of a ten foot half pipe. A bed inside a ramp... Why not sleep inside something you love and enjoy doing? Why not create this idea and put it inside my bedroom? The idea of this concept lingered and manifested to the point of no return. That's when everything was first put on paper with simple drawings and a measuring tape.

In 2001, Rampbed took shape. It was designed and formed using only basic materials from a local hardware store. From this point on, Rampbed quickly became the newest popular item desired by young kids, parents, athletes, magazines, and retail stores. Rampbed has evolved from a simple drawing to a full scale industrial line of production with multiple styles of unique one of a kind action sports inspired furniture collection.  

As a whole, Rampbed stands alongside holding 3 basic ABC values which include:

Accountability, to prioritize the importance of placing the customer’s experience first, by providing a durable product with unparalleled sustainability.  

Belief System, we at Rampbed Inc. base our core values, ethics, and personal conduct according to the Word of God written in the Holy Bible. “I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.” Phil. 4:13 (NIV)

Commitment, to serve our customers with excellent services that exceeds high quality satisfaction of our products, purchase transactions, and staff member professional-relational interactions.

At Rampbed Inc., we bring extraordinary imagination to the consumer’s direct market.  By providing innovative products that exceed traditional interpretations of basic household furniture. We use only the finest materials like hand selected 3/4" birch wood, industrial grade steel cam screws and cam locks are used to securely position each bed. Easy full extending slide rails for 5 storage drawers, along with 2 open shelves, and as an included bonus, we use real skateboarding accents in select models that take the place of traditional drawer handles. We proudly say our products are made here in the USA, each Rampbed product is properly inspected and approved with a signed 100% product satisfaction guaranteed.

There was a time that I can look back on, almost to the specific day where I had this thought, this idea. As a child, I grew up being told I could do or become anything I wanted. For Christmas one year, I remember getting a blue Powell Peralta skateboard. It had blue wheel’s, it was fast, slightly heavy but perfect in every way. As years went by I would putt around playing with this old skateboard I’ve had since I was about 7 years old. I loved it because it was mine, it was my board, only I knew the details of each dent, each marking, and each sticker on it. The wear and tear of my board represented all the tricks I mastered and unfortunately all the failed attempts. Regardless of the condition, it was my badge of honor, my escape. I realized how quickly I had grown up and I wasn't the professional skateboarder I once thought of becoming. I was different, I had aged, my board had changed, but still after all these years one thing remained… My love and addiction to the feeling that I can only describe to be truly unexplainable in common words, but in the language of feelings & emotions it's the moment where adrenaline collides with the fear of no guarantee.

One particular summer night as I was resting at the bottom of the ramp I had built in my backyard, I thought of the possibility of transforming this skate ramp into a bed I could sleep in… In my mind’s eye, I envisioned turned this ramp into a bed but still keeping the look of a half pipe.  As I pondered the idea it made me realize and question how my own future outcome could have been different if I would have had a Rampbed as a child. Could this bed have given me that extra ounce of daily motivation I needed to stay focused on my dreams of becoming a professional skateboarder?  I decided that moment that I couldn't let this idea stray from my thoughts. If I was going to make this bed, this Rampbed, then I whole heartedly need to share this concept with everyone who is passionate about skateboarding.

I didn't make the possibility of failure an option or a concern, all I knew was that I needed to overcome all the obstacles I had to in order to get to the point where I can finally make this a reality of connecting Rampbed, a genuine product, into the homes of people who shared my passion in believing that we should surround ourselves with the things that bring us happiness and encourage us to make our dreams come true.

Who We Are